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Learning to care, care for learning

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  1. OSD Workshop – Social Model of Disability: Communicating with and about people with disabilities

    Carmen Costea

    Presenter: Lecturer Dr. Carmen Costea (Special Education Department, Babeș-Bolyai University) Where and when: Office for Students with Disabilities, Dormitory III (ground floor, rear entrance), Hasdeu Student Complex, Wednesday, 19 November 2014, 18:00. Admission is free Participants: BBU students with and without disabilities, BBU alumni, OSD staff and volunteers and other interested people. Carmen Costea The […]

  2. A practice guide to support a blind student

    Salut, sunt Ana

    Hello, I’m blind, but I’m not any more special than you, I just do things differently. I live alone and 90% of my daily activities I can do without help. For example: I can cook, clean my house, wash clothes, go shopping, read and use a computer with a special app. But there are also […]

  3. OSD at Outership by ASPR


    Every year, the Office for Students with Disabilities expands its team with volunteers, but also with students who want to do their internship. With the help of colleagues from Outership by ASPR, students were able to discover and learn about the BSD offer from 8 to 9 November. Thank you for the invitation!